Scottie’s closing doors ‘for good’

By Christina Scanlon There was no sign on the locked doors Tuesday morning, but everyone in town was already spreading the news. Scotties’, a popular gathering place on Granville’s Main Street, is closed. For good. Lisa Chapman, who has worked at the restaurant for three years, said she received her call from owner Tom Scott […]

Board of Ed 2014

Facebook probe concludes – in private

By Dan King The investigation into the alleged hacking of Whitehall School District clerk Martha Bascue’s Facebook page is now complete – but we know as little as we did before it began. “The investigation is complete, our attorney gave a verbal summary to the BOE at Monday’s meeting,” said Board of Education president Jeremy […]

Saunders Street Bridge 1874

Bridge-walkers beware

By Dan King We might all be criminals without even knowing it. If you’ve ever strode across the Saunders Street Bridge at a pace “faster than a walk,” you’re lucky it’s not the old days. According to a document found in the photobook “Day Before Yesterday” by former Whitehall town historian Doris Begor Morton, going […]

Bigfoot 2

Trailers released for Whitehall-based documentary

By Dan King Bigfoot is coming to the big screen. A documentary filmmaker, who is aiming to tell the stories of various “Small Town Monsters,” has released the trailer for his film about Whitehall’s Sasquatch history. Seth Breedlove and his crew at Small Town Monsters announced Sunday night that they had completed the trailer for […]


Edward’s Market celebrates one year anniversary

By Christina Scanlon It was chilly out Monday morning, as some gathered at the front door of Edwards Market, waiting for the 8 a.m. opening. A turn of the key and a swing of the door was followed by the glorious scent of baking bread. Measuring and pouring in the bakery was Lee Thompson. She’d […]

Recent News

Superintendent introduces policy book

By Dan King Interim school superintendent Bill Scott has given the Whitehall Board of Education an eight-part policy book that he feels will help the district run much smoother, but it will take some time to implement any new or revised school policies. The school board will review the proposed policies, a process that Scott […]

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Budget hearing Oct. 14

By Dan King After two workshops to hash things out, Whitehall Town Board members have put forth a proposed budget for 2016. The budget would raise taxes by .02 percent, from 4.75 percent this year to 4.77 percent. The overall tax levy, or amount to be raised by taxes town-wide, would increase by $10,000 from […]

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Lakes Region Freepress – 10/02/15

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Lakes Classifieds – 10/02/15

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Putortis discuss LGBTQ issues in the Church


By Dan King Being gay in the Catholic Church is not an easy thing. With Pope Francis making his first-ever visit to the U.S., the focus of many is on the Pontiff and his move toward a more socially progressive Church agenda on such things as same-sex marriage. That focus is of particular interest to […]

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Karas leaves


By Dan King Whitehall Central School business manager Joe Karas has left the district, leaving Gregg Chappell, director of special education, as the district’s only administrator still in place from a year ago. Karas took a job with the Fonda-Fultonville School District earlier this month. Rumors had surfaced that Karas was going to leave Whitehall […]

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Dry summer takes toll on area water supplies


By Dan King and Christina Scanlon A record-dry summer has taken its toll throughout the country, and Northern Washington County is no exception. While Whitehall may not be suffering droughts and substantial water shortages like others, the area has still had to deal with some lingering issues caused by low rainfall numbers. The village water supply […]

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New Schoony’s owners look to return to general store roots


By Christina Scanlon A 1911 photo of what is today Schoonys Country Store shows a long two-story building with expanded porches stretching the length of both stories. The North Granville building has sustained at least three fires in the last century, though the foundation remains the same. It was a fact Schoonys new owner, Jim […]

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First Friday to be frighteningly good

By Christina Scanlon The rescheduling of First Friday events at the Pember Library and Museum and the Slate Valley Museum to Oct. 9 gives everyone an extra week to get their costumes and practice walking like a zombie. The event was a great hit last year and is resurrected by popular demand this year. The […]

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A ‘really great student’ sets her sights on goal

By Christina Scanlon Lidia Medrano-Garcia had almost forgotten about a form she’d filled out at the end of her junior year at Granville High School. It was a nomination form prompted by her counselor, Nicholas Healy. “I honestly couldn’t have been happier to nominate Lidia, said Healy last week. “She is genuinely a really great […]

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Keepsakes: Some valuable, some not


By Christina Scanlon They started filing in a good hour before the excitement was to begin. They carried plastic bags and cardboard boxes. There were delicate items gingerly tucked in leather purses and a large oversized object carried in by two men. Though the items hidden by their plastic or paper wrapping covered a wide […]

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Despite setbacks, bridge repairs moving forward

By Christina Scanlon Concrete poured two weeks ago at the Church Street Bridge has been tested and approved, putting the project ahead of schedule. This should come as good news for area residents and business owners who’ve been inconvenienced by the closure of the structure, now nearing five months. Officials had previously stated the bridge […]

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