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After months of back-and-forth, the village of Whitehall and the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company appears to have ended their disagreement about the land on which the fire company stands.

WVFC Fire House

During a special meeting Tuesday night which was attended by members of the fire company, the village trustees and town board members, the fire company and village agreed that it was legal to sell the parcel of land on which the fire house sits.
“It was mentioned by our attorney that yes we can sell it,” Mayor Phil Smith said. ”It should be sold for a market value which there should be an appraisal.”
Smith continued: “Not that we have to go by what any appraisal is; we probably could sell it for $1 or whatever the assessed value of the land is which is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of $15-20,000.”
No dollar figure for the parcel was agreed upon during the meeting. Regardless of the end sum, everyone agreed that the parcel would need to be subdivided because it includes more than the fire house, including two parking lots and Riverside Veterans Memorial Park.
“We would have to break that down and come up with a fair figure,” Smith said. “As far as payment, whatever that amount is, that could be worked out through our yearly contract. It’s not something we would be looking for payment up front.
“So we’re agreed we can purchase the building,” asked Brian Brooks Sr., fire company president.
“Yes,” Smith said.

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