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If you were to pull onto Skenesborough Drive from Route 4, you would pass the picturesque Skenesborough Park and Skenesborough EMS building followed by the Whitehall Municipal Center on the left and Skenesborough Museum on the right.

Whitehall Mayor Phil Smith predicts the Flat Iron will fall this winter.

Just beyond this, however, you’ll find a scene more reminiscent of the Baghdad Green Zone than Whitehall, New York.
Directly across from the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company is the notorious Flat Iron building, now hemmed in by sturdy concrete barriers stacked two-high and large, red signs warning passersby to “Keep Back.”
“It’s to make people aware and prevent people from poking around there,” said Whitehall Mayor Phil Smith. “It’s starting to fall down.”
The barriers were placed this week by workers from the village Department of Public Works. The labor was provided by the village and the barriers were provided courtesy of Washington County.
“I talked to our guys a while ago,” said Smith. “To purchase them it would have costed us $4,000 and we couldn’t do that.”
Smith then appealed to the county to provide the barriers.

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