Hunters feed less fortunate

By Matthew Saari

On Thursday, Nov. 8 the Whitehall Times and Granville Sentinel published a post on Facebook, requesting local hunters submit their game photos.

The response was not what was expected.

Wrote Zachery Kibling: “Hunting is not supposed to be this happy go lucky sport that anyone can join, hunting is supposed to be to survive for people that actually need the food to make it through this winter and not just for fun, IT’S NOT A GAME, if you can go to the store and buy food then maybe you should and until there’s no more stores you shouldn’t be slaughtering animals just for fun just to post pictures of dead animals on Facebook.”

Another post published on Nov. 11 on the Sentinel page highlighting a local hunter who tagged a black bear was met with similar criticism.

“Actually hunting isn’t necessary because we have those places that made hunting a sport and not for food. If it was the same as going to the store, he’d have done so,” wrote Justine Gauckler. “He went into the bear’s habitat and killed him. Pigs, cows and chicken are natural animals. They naturally evolved into those animals we see today.”

What these subscribers may not know is that for many in this region, hunting is not just a sport.

“A lot of people who hunt don’t eat the meat,” said Ruth Scribner, of the Whitehall Food Pantry. “A lot of people like the sport of hunting but don’t eat the meat.”


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