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Haff: Legalize, regulate, tax marijuana


By Dan King Bearing his “Vote Hemp” coffee mug at last week’s Washington County Board of Supervisors meeting, Hartford Supervisor Dana Haff encouraged his colleagues to turn down extra funds in the war against marijuana. “With the looming heroin epidemic, I’m very disappointed that Richard Nixon’s 1970s war on marijuana is still happening,” Haff told […]

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My ode to the Egg McScottie


Editor, Sentinel, I walk in the door, grab the most recent issue of the Sentinel, and greet John at the counter – Mornin’ Mark! I pass the aisle of greeting cards, gifts and whatever, because that’s not what I’m there for. I then, almost invariably, pass the table of older women – six or eight […]

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Zombies invade Granville

Pember Halloween 1

By Jamie Norton It was a dangerous and creepy time to be caught between the Pember Library Museum and the Slate Valley Museum on Friday night as zombies, ghosts, ghouls, and other beasts of the netherworld invaded downtown Granville. In a joint program between the two museums, the “First Friday” festivities – which were actually […]

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Meet Fred: New pharmacy owner to hold meet and greet

Fred Doltz

By Christina Scanlon New floors are in and shelving is up and the doors will open soon to the newest Granville business. Pharmacist Fred Doltz is set to renew the personal approach to care in his about-to-open Fred’s Granville Pharmacy, with more than a decade of experience in both personal and not-so personal interaction. It […]

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Scottie’s closing doors ‘for good’


By Christina Scanlon There was no sign on the locked doors Tuesday morning, but everyone in town was already spreading the news. Scotties’, a popular gathering place on Granville’s Main Street, is closed. For good. Lisa Chapman, who has worked at the restaurant for three years, said she received her call from owner Tom Scott […]

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Edward’s Market celebrates one year anniversary


By Christina Scanlon It was chilly out Monday morning, as some gathered at the front door of Edwards Market, waiting for the 8 a.m. opening. A turn of the key and a swing of the door was followed by the glorious scent of baking bread. Measuring and pouring in the bakery was Lee Thompson. She’d […]

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Dry summer takes toll on area water supplies


By Dan King and Christina Scanlon A record-dry summer has taken its toll throughout the country, and Northern Washington County is no exception. While Whitehall may not be suffering droughts and substantial water shortages like others, the area has still had to deal with some lingering issues caused by low rainfall numbers. The village water supply […]

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New Schoony’s owners look to return to general store roots


By Christina Scanlon A 1911 photo of what is today Schoonys Country Store shows a long two-story building with expanded porches stretching the length of both stories. The North Granville building has sustained at least three fires in the last century, though the foundation remains the same. It was a fact Schoonys new owner, Jim […]

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First Friday to be frighteningly good

By Christina Scanlon The rescheduling of First Friday events at the Pember Library and Museum and the Slate Valley Museum to Oct. 9 gives everyone an extra week to get their costumes and practice walking like a zombie. The event was a great hit last year and is resurrected by popular demand this year. The […]

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A ‘really great student’ sets her sights on goal

By Christina Scanlon Lidia Medrano-Garcia had almost forgotten about a form she’d filled out at the end of her junior year at Granville High School. It was a nomination form prompted by her counselor, Nicholas Healy. “I honestly couldn’t have been happier to nominate Lidia, said Healy last week. “She is genuinely a really great […]

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Sweeping drug bust nets 11

Drug Bust Press Conference

By Dan King Seven Granville residents were among a group of 11 “mid to high level drug dealers” arrested in […]

Suboxone: A growing scourge in the area


By Dan King Illicit sale and use of Suboxone, a prescription drug used to treat heroin addiction, is a growing […]

McDonald’s future uncertain

McDonalds 1

By Dan King The sign along Route 4 telling drivers that a McDonald’s is coming up on the left has […]

Whitehall, Granville close to finalizing chief contract

Whitehall Police

By Dan King and Jamie Norton In September, Granville Police Chief Ernie Bassett was tabbed to take on the same […]

Hampton may use, restore historic cemetery

cemetery 3

By Jamie Norton The town of Hampton is considering an idea that would allow its residents to be buried in […]

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