Meet your Granville Village Candidates



Brian LaRose

Occupation: Production Management / Supervisor

Position Sought: Mayor

 Why do you want to hold this office?

I have been a life long resident of Granville, raised my family here, and have always loved its small town ambiance, local history and heritage. As Mayor, I want to help preserve what makes Granville unique and work with state and local officials to move the Village forward, creating and promoting an environment where business can grow, Village Services can continue, and work with the Village Board and Planning Committees to improve the quality of life in our Village.



What qualities do you possess that would make you an ideal candidate for the job?

  • Village Trustee for 6 years
  •  Contract Negotiation
  • Budget Planning / Accounting
  • Oversee Village DPW / Water and Sewer
  • Chairperson and one of the founding members of The Granville Partnership For Economic Development (G.P.E.D)
  • Chairperson for the Village Water and Sewer Commission
  • Worked on Revitalization Strategies for the Village and Town of Granville
  • Drafted and implemented changes to the Village Property Maintenance Law
  • Worked on upgrades to the Village Website / Video Upgrades / Links to the Town, Granville Chamber of Commerce and Adirondack Chamber of Commerce Websites
  • Chairperson for the Village Recreation Committee
  • Will promote an aggressive, pragmatic agenda for our Village Board and Committees



What are the biggest issues facing the Village of Granville?

  • ·         Cost of  Village Services and Improvements / Benefits and Health Care
  • ·         Need for Incentives and Strategies to promote Business / Retail Development and Stabilization in the Village
  • ·         Making Granville a Destination on the Tourism Radar / Creating an Identity that is unique to Granville /  Building on and Promoting  what we have
  • ·         Decreases in State Funding / Grant Money Availability



What are the biggest issues facing Washington County?

  • ·         Decreases in State Funding for County Infrastructure Development and Improvements
  • ·         Need for increased Sales Tax Revenue
  • ·         Loss of Farm / Dairy / Agriculture



What goals or recommendations for improvements to you have if elected?

  • ·         Maintain a 3 year Operational Budget and Planning Strategy
  • ·         Focus on Cost of Services to Control and Minimize Future Tax Increases
  • ·         Promote Economic Growth, Development, and Tourism in the Village
  • ·         Continue Revitalization Strategies and Grant Applications for Future Village Projects, Enhancements and Infrastructure Upgrades
  • ·         Continued Support For our Cultural Campus Improvements
  • ·         Promote a Pragmatic and Progressive Village Board and Agenda
  • ·         Listen To Our Constituents Concerns
  • ·         Keep the Village moving forward, while maintaining the Small Town ambiance that makes Granville unique, and a place we are all proud to call Home.


Name: Dean Hyatt


Occupation: Water Quality Manager at The Great Escape


Position sought: Village Trustee



Why do you want to hold this office?



I was born and raised in Granville and like the direction the village is headed. I believe in the comprehensive plan, that has guided the village in appropriating funds for projects to improve the quality of life. Serving as a trustee for the past four years, I am overwhelmed by the dedication of our department heads and employees of the village. They are very conscious of the economic climate that exists and work closely with the board to reduce expenses. I would be proud to serve in the role of Village Trustee, in a town and village that gives back to the community through local business, civic organizations and community support.



What qualities do you possess that would make an ideal candidate for this job?



I am currently a manager at The Six Flags Great Escape. Some of my responsibilities include, developing a three year business plan, yearly budgets and working with staff to be more efficient. I have a strong back ground in construction and inter-structure. I have served on a committee for The Center for Disease Control and Prevention to help develop a national aquatic health code, was a volunteer fireman for over twenty years including chief, and chairman of the town planning board.



What are the biggest issues facing the Village of Granville?



In this economy, we still have families in our community who are losing their jobs and homes. Families that have been cold all winter, and have to make tough decision between paying their bills or staying warm. Civic organizations and local businesses have to reinvent themselves in order to survive. Unfunded mandates such as having to build a new water treatment plant, and our local fire companies under mandate from the FCC to completly overhaul their communication systems.



What are the biggest issues facing Washington County?



The State Budget has a proposed 2% property tax cap. I believe it’s time the board of supervisors along with all county employees should make an effort to work together on a budget and create a working relationship which in my opinion is currently nonexistent . It would appear to me that there is always a dark cloud hanging over the county when budget season rolls around. The transfer station is an example of this moral problem, one minute they will be closed then the next minute they will remain open. How can you expect to get dedication and loyalty from employees, if they are more focused on job security?


The number one asset to any business is it employees. If they are happy, they are more productive and efficient in their work. It is time for the board of Supervisors to take this approach.



What goals or recommendations for improvements do you have if elected?



I would like to see the current projects completed: new water treatment plant and upgrades to the distribution system, The Mettowee River Revitalization plan, side walk extension from the High School to Rite Aid entrance and the street light program continued. My goal is to see the village and town of Granville become a destination where there are endless opportunities to spend a day or two experiencing all that Granville has to offer. Our parks, walking/biking trails are among the finest in Washington County. One can also experience fishing in the Mettowee River. Spend a day at the Pember and Slate Valley Museum, and learn how Granville developed its heritage. Agriculture is bountiful with the nearby apple orchards, strawberry fields, cheese industry, local dairy farms and sugar houses. The highlights of the summer season are the weekly concerts in the park, fireman’s carnival and chicken barbecues. Anytime of the year, Granville has something to offer!

Name: Paul Labas

Occupation:  Self Employed Slate Quarry Owner/Operator

Position sought: Trustee


Why do you want to hold this office?



 I wish to hold this office to do nothing more than to give a little back to the community and hope to help it grow. Granville to me is home. And who doesn’t want to take care of their home?




What qualities do you possess that would make an ideal candidate for this job?


I don’t know if there really is such a thing as an “Ideal candidate”, but I will do my best if elected.

As far as qualities??  I have owned and operated my own business for more than 20 years and I know the importance of being efficient and financially responsible. I have made a lot of mistakes over the years and I have also learned a lot of tough lessons. I feel that the best lesson learned is a financial one and trust me, I have learned a lot of those!   I take pleasure in helping people and doing things right. I feel that working with the others on the board and the Mayor will give me a chance to put all the years of learning and listening to good use in helping our beautiful community grow and prosper financially, physically, and mentally.





What are the biggest issues facing the Village of Granville?


Granville, like many small villages, faces many issues. One of the main issues that I hear most talked about is the lack of services compared to what we pay for in property tax. How many times have you heard “What are we getting for these high taxes we are paying??”  I know that we are not alone in this situation as there are many small towns in upstate NY that face the very same problems.  I feel that it is very tough for small businesses to start out from scratch in our Village and actually survive and prosper for more than a few years at best. The average income level in our town is low and the way the economy has taken a downturn in the last few years it has hurt us all right in the pocketbook.   I see people who buy homes in our village and put large amounts of money into them only to have their taxes go up exorbitantly, but when it comes time to sell them they barely break even on the investment made.  I see people who take pride in their property and keep their homes and yards in a respectable way only to have a neighbor go weeks on end without mowing their lawn or leave their property looking like a junk yard.  These are just a few of the things that I see and hear talked about the most. I am not sure I can fix them all, but I am willing to try to at least address them. 




What are the biggest issues facing Washington County?


I personally think that Washington County is facing the same monetary and business issues that are hurting our own village. These are tough times we are living in and tough times create tough decisions. We need to watch every dollar that is spent and trim the fat where we can, I think we need to take a serious look at things that should be improved on or eliminated all together to save money.  Be it the Village or the County, my theory is if it’s not working, either fix it or eliminate it.  I can’t stand to see good money thrown after bad. I think we as a community and our neighboring communities have gotten a little soft and have relied on others to take care of our problems. We sometimes have the attitude that if something is wrong we should just turn our heads and spend our way out of it. Our Federal Govt. has been doing this for years and now look where we are… make no mistake about it, the well is running dry and the time is drawing close when there will be no more money left to borrow or spend and the dollar bill may as well be printed on toilet paper. We need to work hard with our neighbors and our Government to help raise concern about what is happening around us and to try and fix it before it’s too late. Remember the burn plant????





What goals of recommendations for improvements do you have if elected?


My goals are none other to listen and learn about how our small Village operates and spends the money that’s generated by you and me via our taxes. I hope to improve upon the things that mean the most to our residents in the Village and will try my best to keep a watchful eye how we spend your tax dollars. I would like to see Main Street thrive again, but I do know that it is not an easy task. I would like to see more people take pride in the Village they live and work in. Simple things mean a lot. If you see a piece of trash while you are out for a walk around town pick it up and dispose of it properly.  If you see your neighbor struggling with something, lend him a hand.  If a fire hydrant needs to be dug out of the snow then just do it. If your lawn needs to be mowed then mow it. We all live here and we all have to pay taxes, but let’s spend the money on infrastructure and other things that will make our little village shine like a bright star to any and all businesses so we can bring good paying jobs and a strong tax base to our area. This is a beautiful little town and we have a lot to offer, I think the past elected officials have done a tremendous job in keeping their eye on the ball here in Granville and although it’s not paradise, it is our home and we must work together to keep it alive and strong. Thank you for your support. And may God Bless our Village of Granville.

Candidate questionnaire Village Judge Roger Forando




 Why do you want to hold this office?

The Granville Village Board appointed me as Village Justice in 1990, and I have remained in office since then.

Anything about the law has interested me since my days as driver education instructor at the high school, and that interest continues today.  I work hard at trying to insure that the local court is run properly, efficiently, and fairly, and I guess I am not ready to retire to the rocking chair yet.


What qualities do you possess that would make you an ideal candidate for this job?

As the incumbent judge re-elected five times, I believe the community supports my position as village justice.

It is not an easy job, particularly when you know the defendants in many cases, but I treat everyone fairly, consistently, and as compassionately as the facts of the case allow me.  As a father of three sons and grandfather of four little ones, I have always used my patience, listening skills, and compassion for both victims and defendants.  I strive to make sure that everyone summoned to court believes that they had a chance for their side of the story to be heard.


In addition I have been able to write four grants for the Town and Village Courts to help ease the financial burden on local taxes, while bringing the courts into the 21st Century with technology and accessories.

Due to guidelines in judicial ethics, I am unable to answer the remaining questions.  Thank you.



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