Torres ‘shocked’

B y Krystle S. Morey

Granville High School has posted the position of varsity football coach held for years by Mario Torres, who said he is at a loss to understand what’s going on.

The Board of Education voted unexpectedly on May 31 to delay filling that job while appointing all other coaches.

Efforts to determine why the board did not reappoint Torres were unsuccessful.

Torres said he was surprised by the board’s decision to table his reappointment for the fall season.

“This is kind of a shock to me,” said Torres, the coach since the 2007-08 season.

In nine seasons as head coach, Torres has a record of 30-51, with three winning seasons.

Torres said he didn’t receive any indication that his appointment would be tabled – even after discussing how to grow the program with Eileen Troy, the district’s athletic director, and principal Camille Harrelson just days before the May 31 board meeting.

“I thought the meeting was super productive,” said Torres, who said he left “feeling good.”

“Nobody has communicated anything to me other than positive stuff about where we are headed,” he said. “Not being appointed was never brought up.”

“I still have had no communication with the school as to why I was not reappointed,” Torres said Monday. “I would think after 16 years of complete loyalty, that I would have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss with the powers that be why I was not reappointed on May 31.”

The board approved the reappointment of 11 of the 12 coaches listed on its May 31 agenda – Torres being the only one removed from the list after a closed-door meeting of the board.

The day after the board meeting, Torres said he had not yet talked with anyone from the school.

“If and when someone from the school wants to reach out to me, they are more than welcome to,” Torres said.

Torres confirmed Monday that a school official called him last week to tell him that his appointment had been tabled and that the vacancy had been posted.

The job listing directs applicants to contact Troy, the school’s athletic director, “immediately.”

Troy did not return phone calls for an interview.

Torres submitted his cover letter and application Monday.

When asked what the board’s decision means for his career, Torres said, “It doesn’t mean anything for me. As far as I am concerned, I am the head football coach until someone tells me I am not.”

Torres’ biggest concern following the meeting was keeping the “adult decisions” from affecting the students.

“I don’t want what’s going on with me to affect my guys and what’s going on with the kids,” he said. “This is bigger than football. It’s about raising young men.”

Torres said his focus now is on upcoming youth summer camps that the district hosts in collaboration with other schools.

School Superintendent Mark Bessen said previously that the board is set to discuss the appointment of a varsity football coach at its upcoming meeting on June 13.

“Probably by the next meeting there will be more resolution on what direction the school district will be taking,” Bessen said.

Athletic director Troy is working with the school’s principal to fill the varsity head football coach position, he said.

Several of the school’s football players have sounded off on the issue on Facebook and other social media sites, showing support for Torres and demanding answers as to why he was not reappointed.

A large number of the team’s players are planning to attend the June 13 meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. in the Granville High School Auditorium.



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