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Many may have noticed the dozens of “Go Horde” banners that have popped up around Granville in the last week. It’s hard to miss them.
The signs are part of an effort by local parents to paint the town blue and gold in support of their school, sports and the community.
Pam Williams, who is leading the effort of mass-producing the banners, is a mother of a student in the district and another Granville alum. Her son Morgan, a senior, will play his last season of Golden Horde football this fall.

Two giant 'Go Horde' banners can be seen at the top of Telescope Casual Furniture water tower.

Two giant ‘Go Horde’ banners can be seen at the top of Telescope Casual Furniture water tower.

“It’s not just about go horde football, it’s about go horde Granville,” Williams said. “We want these kids to be proud that this is their town and this is their school.”
Williams pointed to other towns that have signs displayed in support of their school and sports.
“You go to other districts and their town is covered in ‘go whatever’ … all over the town,” she said. “We want that in Granvillle.”
Money raised from the sale of the banners, which can be purchased for $20, is going toward paying off debt associated with building the concession stand at the school’s football field. Upwards of $8,000 is still owed to MacLeod’s Lumber & Hardware for construction supplies.
“We need to get MacLeod’s paid and we need to clean up this debt,” Williams said.
Money from a recent T-shirt sale by football players and parents also was donated to help pay off the debt.
The effort started with some scrap vinyl, donated by Telescope Casual Furniture, and a pint of yellow paint that was left over from Williams’ sons’ school projects. In one week, she said, she has made and sold more than 100 signs.
“I want my son to be proud of the community he comes from and the school he plays for,” Williams said.
Local businesses and residents alike, from Granville to Hampton, are displaying the school’s colors with the “Go Horde” banners. A few parents with sons on the Granville football team went door-to-door last week selling the signs.
Bernardo’s on Church Street, Muddy Trail Jerky Co. on Quaker Street, Mel’s Place on Main Street and V.I.P. Barber Shop on West Main Street are just a few of the businesses displaying their school pride.
“I think it’s a great idea,” said Paige Daigle, owner of V.I.P. “I have a lot of customers that play football.”

A 'Go Horde' sign is displayed outside Coach Mario Torres' home in the village.

A ‘Go Horde’ sign is displayed outside Coach Mario Torres’ home in the village.

This Tuesday, two giant “Go Horde” banners – 4.5 feet by 27 feet – were hoisted to the top of Telescope Casual Furniture’s water tower, right across the street from the football field.
Kathy Juckett, Telescope’s CEO, said: “We need to get behind our school system and our teams.”
“I feel good when I drive around and see them around town,” she said, adding that she thinks kids will play better when they see the support from their community with the banners.
Juckett found herself getting more involved with Golden Horde sports during recent months, when the school board was deciding who to appoint as head coach of the varsity football team. She got involved because she was bothered by the way administrators handled the situation, she said.
“Watching how it was being handled … It made me mad,” she said.
“This football thing has divided the town,” Williams agreed. “I am hoping that the signs will help get us back together again.”
Williams added that the banners are a way to unite the community, in support of not only Granville athletics, but the school and education as a whole.
“It’s not just about sports, it’s about supporting the school and education, and uniting the community,” said Williams, who has a massive sign that hangs over her six-acre pond on Hickey Road.
To get your banner, contact Williams at 518-222-5748 or Renae McKittrick at 518-955-8190. Those with banners are encouraged to share a picture on the Friends of Granville Football group on Facebook.



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