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By Jay Mullen

Hastings Road in Hartford needs to be dug up and repaved because of the poor-quality materials used, according to Hartford highway department superintendent Greg Brown.

Peckham Industries Inc. performed the work on the road and the board has already signed off on the payment for the job, but Brown wants the job to be done correctly before the check is sent out.

Brown was giving his report at a town board meeting on Aug. 11 when he detailed what happened to the road.

“They put too much recycled product in it. You’re trying to make it cheaper, and there was not enough liquid asphalt in it to help it bond,” he said.

Brown said a few days after the work was finished in June a member of the community was driving on their tractor and noticed that the road was “already starting to split and pull apart.”

Representatives from Washington County also went and looked at the road and came to the same conclusion.

“There was too much recycled product in it and it was too dry,” Brown said.

Brown said he called Peckham to let them know about the situation. He didn’t hear back for roughly five and a half weeks, he said.

After sending a letter to Peckham, a representative was sent to look at the work that was done. He told Brown he would do research and get back to him.

“It’s been a week and I still haven’t heard anything,” Brown said.

He spoke to someone at Peckham about payment and informed them that they have the check and it has been approved by the board.

But he informed Peckham’s that he will only pay if the job is done properly.

“I don’t want to pay them until they make this right,” he said.

Brown asked the board for its consent to withhold the check from Peckham until the job is done correctly on Hastings Road.

He said he doesn’t want to pay for a road that isn’t going to hold up through the winter.

“I’ve got $60,000 into this seven-tenths mile of road, and it’s junk,” he said.

Brown informed Peckham that if he doesn’t hear from them regarding the work by Thursday he is going to send a letter to the owner detailing the concern.

Town supervisor Dana Haff backed up Brown about the road.

“(Brown) says that it didn’t bind to the old road underneath it and he can take his hand and lift up all of the new pavement,” he said.

After some discussion, the board informed Brown that it was okay to withhold the check until the work is completed properly.



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